Studio T

Music Therapy for Wellness and Growth

"As much as I always wanted to write poetry, I never gave it a serious try, until, that is, under Tomoka's guidance I surrendered myself to the wonder of musical travel and found my poetic "voice" on the other site.  Powerful stuff, this GIM -- and Tomoka is a masterful and trustworthy guide.  Particularly to be recommended for anyone who would like to locate and unleash hidden creativity" (Male, 60s).

"Tomoka is caring and compassionate, but she also has the ability to push you to do a level of self-examination that is necessary to get to the root of a problem.  The inclusion of music, drawing, and other exercises in addition to the talk therapy has given me a greater ability to explore and express what I am feeling, especially when the words are difficult to find, or won't come" (Female, 50s).


"Through working with Tomoka I learned new ways to overcome challenges in my life by expressing my emotions through music and art"

(Female, Teen).