Music Therapy sessions involve any combination of the following: relaxation, focusing, listening to music, imaging to music, making music, drawing, writing, movement, psycho-education, and verbal processing.  You do NOT need to have any musical or artistic skills

to participate in or benefit from Music Therapy sessions.


Studio T

Music Therapy for Wellness and Growth

Studio T provides Music Therapy to support one's well-being and personal growth.  Music can access the core of what makes us human.  With the careful use of music and other interrelated modalities, as well as by verbal processing, a trained therapist can assist you in exploring and reconnecting with your own innate positive resources and inner-strength.  The goal is to first use music to find and activate sources of your inner-strength, and then to discuss these experiences to facilitate deeper awareness and self-understanding.  These two steps are the groundwork for establishing authentic and substantial personal growth.