"Music, as a structured envelope of sound, is probably the most effective and safe opener to the doors of the psyche.  It reaches beyond personal defenses to the realities and beauties of the person.  Music gives access to the discovery of inner strength, uncovers the potential for creativity, and manifests ways in which life can be lived from a center of inner security."  

~ Helen Bonny

(Founder of The Bonny Method of

Guided Imagery and Music) 

Guided Imagery and Music

Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) offers a powerful means to access the unconscious, contributing not only to our self-knowledge but also to our ability to draw upon hidden resources.  Its process involves a preparatory discussion, relaxation, imaging/dialoging while listening to music, and drawing (or other use of modalities), followed by verbal processing of the GIM experience. 

"After experiencing several sessions, a person may sense a new and deeper connection to previously untapped dimensions of him/herself.  Old behaviors may fade and new ways of being may emerge.  A sense of integration, empowerment, and wholeness may become new foundations for confidence and self-esteem.  Changes occur as a person moves beyond prior limitations of thought, attitude, belief system, and personal paradigms.  Interactions with the facilitator also challenge these possibilities to come more clearly to consciousness and to be integrated over time by the client" (Association for Music and Imagery, 2009).

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